Test Your Fashion-in-Film Knowledge

With the Latest Screen Chic Quiz  

This 11-question quiz celebrates legendary costume designer Adrian and some of his best-known work with MGM’s most iconic actresses. 

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For Arts Sake: 

Portraits in Classic Films

In this 12-question quiz, test your knowledge of the paintings that are key to the plots in your favorite movies. 

Ten fun, fan-friendly questions about some of cinema’s best-known gowns.

Name that Designer:

Ten Iconic gowns

Eva Marie Saint_North by Northwest back

From The Lady Vanishes to North by Northwest, this fun, 12-question quiz tests your knowledge of style in iconic Hitchcock films. 

Great style moments throughout cinema history are explored in this

15-question quiz, sure to delight fashionistas and fans of classic films alike.

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Take the Picture!

A Fashion-in-Film Quiz

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Givenchy or Not Givenchy:

12 Audrey Hepburn Questions

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