Test Your Fashion-in-Film Knowledge

With the Latest Screen Chic Quiz  

Test your knowledge of the legendary actress based on costumes from 10 of her most memorable films.

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Test your knowledge of the films and costume designers who created iconic looks for cinema’s femme fatales.

This 11-question quiz celebrates legendary costume designer Adrian and some of his best-known work with MGM’s most iconic actresses. 

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How Well Do You Know Adrian? 

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For Arts Sake: 

Portraits in Classic Films

In this 12-question quiz, test your knowledge of the famous paintings that are key to the plots in your favorite movies. 

This fan-friendly quiz features 10 questions about some of cinema’s best-known gowns.

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Name that Designer:

Ten Iconic gowns

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From The Lady Vanishes to North by Northwest, this fun, 12-question quiz tests your knowledge of style in iconic Hitchcock films. 

Great style moments throughout cinema history are explored in this 15-question quiz, sure to delight fashionistas and fans of classic films alike.

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Take the Picture!

A Fashion-in-Film Quiz


How well do you know Hollywood golden-era costume designers? This 15-question quiz tests your knowledge of iconic fashion-in-film moments. 

Fans of Audrey Hepburn will love this 12-question quiz that highlights fashion’s most iconic designer-muse relationship. Test your knowledge on whether Hepburn’s costumes were designed by Hubert de Givenchy.

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Givenchy or Not Givenchy:

12 Audrey Hepburn Questions

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Are you a fan of Hollywood’s winningest costume designer? This quiz tests your knowledge of some of Edith Head’s most iconic designs, as well as her record number of Academy Awards.

How well do you know the films and onscreen style of Grace Kelly? This 10-question quiz asks you to ID the film based on her stunning looks. 

Grace Kelly in Rear Window

December Crossword: The Films of Orry-Kelly